We materialize the idea of the client

Vougamoldes emerged in the year 1990 as a result of the ambition of three enterprising entrepreneurs who saw the need to create their own job in a sector with immense potential. Dedicating its activity to the design and production of molds for injection of plastic, aluminum, zamak, this company based in the Industrial Zone of Albergaria-a-Velha has marked a differentiated position in the market, being a reliable partner for the most reputed worldwide.

Who we are?

Vougamoldes is mainly engaged in the manufacture of molds for the injection of plastic and zamak, being the main customers of the automotive sector. We already have an annual turnover of around one million euros.

We work for several European markets in addition to the National market, such as Spain, France, Germany and also to other markets like Morocco.

The persistence and the work are secrets of the success of this company, that knew to combine a experience of two decades to the technological innovation and to put itself in the map of the companies with affirmation in the sector.


We have a production area, a team of machines and tools that guarantee us the highest efficiency and quality in the finishing of the product, as well as people capable of executing and solving the most diverse possible challenges.


Over the years the company has been innovating and reinforcing not only the machines but also in the tools, infrastructures and software.


We are recognized by our clients, through work, quality, commitment and dedication.


We have a specialized company capable of developing the most complex and demanding projects in the market


Vougamoldes has more than 27 years of experience in this business area. Economic growth and innovation have been instrumental in solidifying the relationship with our customers.

Business area

We have as business area or manufacture of molds for a plastic plate, zamak, aluminum, among others.